Friday, June 26, 2009

What is this Zeitgeist?

Well, zeitgeist means "now." Today. The spirit of what we are.

Turn on your television and radio and people will show you fear and panic. Yet, you smile, live a good life, and help people.

All is well, but they want you to stay inside your house and go to your job to keep their little game a foot. The game they play is the world, and they have controlling interest in keeping their game running.

As they've done for years. What separates us from the criminally insane is our notion that the true power is love. Our love in our hearts, our families, and our community.

They, however, work for Satan and beg to defile your innocence. They'll tell you what is good, what television to watch, put you in a school where they say this is reality and you're a great person, you just have faults and sins. But don't worry about it, drink up and work for us and you'll contribute to the great society.

A great falsehood. A zeitgeist of greed.

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