Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back @ the Lair

Alright guys,

I have returned to the lair to rest and recoupe.

I have already begun legwork for the next installment of Project 3100 Years Later, which involves multiple mass media:

-Megatronic Space Broadcaster Radio

-Theroies and Papers, starting with Message of Hope

-A video project yet to begin, but very soon.

-Project 3100 E.P.

On the table for GM is some other stuff, but they're smaller things that he is doing in between my work with you.

We'll be around, keep in touch!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pain, Pain, Go Away

G|M had a bad tooth that decided right about now, at one of the most important points in life, it was going to give way and cause issues.

The server is still being kludged together. For now, here's what it consists of:

-8 CPU Cores
-11 Gigs of RAM
-1 RAPTOR hard drive @ 10K RPMs
-Decent broadband connection

What we're still working on is the software portion. But me thinks the next project before that will be to organazize, fo'shizzy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MyLinuxAcademy Server

One more thing so far today:

We're working on that server. This server is going to provide you a free uplink to a lot of things...an easy to use computer, access to notes and clips of our travels, audio/visual help with using our OS we're making for you guys (it's taking us so long because we want to make it easier than the Mac! And just as stable with no security issues..no more viruses, no more MySpace issues, no more Spyware bullshit.).

You're probably going...

Venus Project + MyLinux Academy=?

We work in parallel, the grand design is hard to explain because we're developing all puzzle pieces together.

To take a look at one of our research tools simply visit:


Username: MyLinuxAcademy

Password: passwd

Our ultimate goal is to teach people how to use a computer and make money on the internet. The price? Free. Good, huh? Oh, but how will The Open Minded Foundation secure funds? That's not the point, because it's our gift to you.

The Venus Project, Our Server

The meeting with Fresco was the most beautiful six hours I have enjoyed in a long time.

Unfortuantely, our choice of recording equipment should have been better thought of. ;) But we'll be going back to it often, as we're currently in the process of making sure it does not go anywhere. Right now, they're trying to sell it to continue research, and we think it needs to be saved.

Having all this stuff we've collected during our travels we're setting up a server today so you can easily access it. It will also become the server for MyLinuxAcademy, which is a project I'll speak about later on.

On my front, G|M and I have been playing together here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jacque Fresco

Tomorrow we have a meeting with Jacque Fresco @ The Venus Project.

His wife is already eager to meet us and learn about The Open Minded Foundation.

I am drawn to him because he speaks like I always have innately, and much like us @ The Open Minded Foundation and MyLinuxAcademy we dislike competition. It is unhealthy and not a human or animal instinct, it's just a belief that some human like Darwin took to understand the way the natural world works.