Sunday, July 5, 2009

MyLinuxAcademy Server

One more thing so far today:

We're working on that server. This server is going to provide you a free uplink to a lot of easy to use computer, access to notes and clips of our travels, audio/visual help with using our OS we're making for you guys (it's taking us so long because we want to make it easier than the Mac! And just as stable with no security more viruses, no more MySpace issues, no more Spyware bullshit.).

You're probably going...

Venus Project + MyLinux Academy=?

We work in parallel, the grand design is hard to explain because we're developing all puzzle pieces together.

To take a look at one of our research tools simply visit:

Username: MyLinuxAcademy

Password: passwd

Our ultimate goal is to teach people how to use a computer and make money on the internet. The price? Free. Good, huh? Oh, but how will The Open Minded Foundation secure funds? That's not the point, because it's our gift to you.

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