Saturday, May 8, 2010

Darwin's Laureate, Hush Hush

Playing around with a couple of applications, it's occurred to me recently how I might do some justice to a Darwin's Laureate reboot.

Not that it'll be a "reboot" in a traditional sense, I'm thinking more of a DVD/torrent. A labor of love, which if I had the money I'd hire some decent voice acting.

In all truth, I dislike the idea of a mainline story compilation as it once had been. Even the psuedo-sequel / "direct approach" left the audience wondering what was going on.

Because of the nature of the project--an organically grown mess, in best of terms, it can be a hard concept to grasp.

And really, the reason is because it was never supposed to be so "finite." So...collected, easily spotted, understood to be a function of fiction. The HubPages run was a test, and in all truth--if I had nothing else to do in life, I'd be running around trying to secure different elements to make the whole vision happen.

Those are my true feelings.

I want to create something so massive, between an alternate reality game and classical story line, that it is literally beyond my means at this point. Money, I don't believe is the biggest factor, either.

Strategy and solid story is the biggest hurdle. But when you're trying to feed your audience through so many angles--twitter updates, random youtube uploads, blog articles, facebook accounts....when all of this is going on, how do you exactly formulate a long-range story line crafted around several types of media? That's the biggest hurdle.

But....the DVD thing, might be a fun little exercise. Because of it's nature,  however, it can never become a viable commercial product---too much licensing issues.

We'll see.