Friday, June 26, 2009

What is this Zeitgeist?

Well, zeitgeist means "now." Today. The spirit of what we are.

Turn on your television and radio and people will show you fear and panic. Yet, you smile, live a good life, and help people.

All is well, but they want you to stay inside your house and go to your job to keep their little game a foot. The game they play is the world, and they have controlling interest in keeping their game running.

As they've done for years. What separates us from the criminally insane is our notion that the true power is love. Our love in our hearts, our families, and our community.

They, however, work for Satan and beg to defile your innocence. They'll tell you what is good, what television to watch, put you in a school where they say this is reality and you're a great person, you just have faults and sins. But don't worry about it, drink up and work for us and you'll contribute to the great society.

A great falsehood. A zeitgeist of greed.

Gathering the Storm

Hey guys,

I wanted to upload some cool vids to YouTube but our camera has malfunctioned. It's okay though, we still have what I've shot thus far.

You'll get to see it, when it's ready.

Right now our foundation is working on a big project to free you of working. We already know how to make you money, now we need to perfect the tool for you and find the best way to teach you. We're going to make it very easy on you.

Remember: it's not a question of if, its only a question of when.

We're in lightspeed, acting and acting. We are plastic, an organism of power designed to free you from the tyranny of this free you of those who corrupt the burning innocence. Satan is dying more everyday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Evil Plan

I'm launching an alien assault on "negative" media.

What is negative media? Well, flip through your television channels and your radio dials, take a gander at the magazine rack.

There's plenty of media that is negative, they can be named as leigion. Here's to forgetting you. You're now getting side stepped, and I'm going to join in on the fun.

What exactly is my evil plan? 

Nothing less than getting your species to play nice with each other, to remain objective--to quit being pedantic and attacking individuals. It's their deplorable actions you need to cite, not the face.

So here we go, in your face.

Megatronic Radio, episode three ("It's Time We Go Forward"), begins recording tomorrow or so. I've put it off because I'm still looking for people to call the G|M hotline and leave a spiffy message. Their cut off time is approaching.

G|M has begun to experiment with filming and editing. It's not much so far, but he has to start somewhere. He has stage fright. Me, I'm just good at being a voice. Hence the Radio Show.

We've a big project rolling down the pipeline sometime soon. It involves helping people in everyday life, with the most seemingly simple of things.

A little love goes a long way.

I will not allow you to walk alone in strife.

Until our next intersection in space-time,

This has been lxxy, in lightspeed.