Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Win a Thousand Internets, and More


Recently G|M has been on a techie kick, probably because of some experimenting with technology and getting remote desktop stuff going for his company. The quest for knowledge has interesting side quests.

At any rate, posting an interesting article to HubPages entitled How to Win a Thousand Internets was pulled for a couple of days. He hosted it locally on his computer until it was restored by HP. They fear AdSense would complain, but judging by the ads I don't think so. It shows you how easy WEP is to crack. Soon, they'll be a followup with good tips, and also more in-depth to protecting your home network.

In other news, I've been fiddling around. Because of electricity around here, I think my computer has begun to bite it a bit. Well, at least we haven't had a fire.

On that note, I'm busy slowly constructing a new machine, though I just may upgrade this one. The high end video card bit it the other day, which means making video is not as easy as it could be, even with the speed of the processors.

It'll get better again, eventually. It'll be cheaper, too.

At any rate, writing is....haphazard. Look out for some new Hubs from each of us, soon.

Until our next intersection in space-time,