Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drop the Bomb

So, I've never really stated when Corrode EP would be done. Because it's one of those things that will be ready when it's ready. And you know, the tutorial is going to be sweet for fans and noobs alike. "DTTA" will be responsible for this part.

"DTTA" will do the Hubbers Newb Guides before I even start on the music tutorial (I've made one before..) because I figure it'll help me iron out any quirks, and give me that much more experience in hopes that it'll be a polished product.

This ENTIRE month I'm re-organizing, re-grouping, so I can assault HubPages in February. This is intentional, I'll admit. However, if I can just get a damned rhythm down, I'll be much more effective with my time and not feel so internally pressured.

I'm also doing some therapy writing. I plan to write a novella. It possibly will simultaneously launch with Corrode E.P.

Tentatively titled "Denial of Heart," it will be set 15 seconds from now. I'm doing lots of research. It builds upon older and (so far) incomplete material, but will do well to be first anyway, since it'll give people a taste of what's to come.

What about the plot?

Well, can't give away too many secrets. We'll just call it a "murder mystery."
I've had it boiling in my head for months, and because I've proven to myself it's quite trivial to hammer out ~3000 words every hour or two, I don't think this short book will gum up the already crazy mechanics of this release schedule.

Besides, it'll help test my "MediaPak" theory. (You'll see.)

Anyway, thats it for now. DTTA is still in full swing; I'm busy building it's brand recognition by creating content that will be useful to many newcomers. No need to thank me---information wants to be free.

Until our next intersection in space-time,


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