Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello all!

Tis I, lxxy.

We've been hard at work on several projects: HP Vid Newb Guide, Corrode EP, Through a lxxy Darkly (and all its media foolery), not to mention laying a foundation for DTTA as to better prop up Universal Salon financially.

So it's really just me....and Kari. And all of you. I am committed to showing people how to Hub, because I think it's an easy system to get your feet wet.

I don't even abuse all the power of Blogger here--admittedly more free--because even with the knowledge, I like KISS. I'd be writing this in eMacs if I really wanted to be super-efficient, but the beauty of Blogger is that I'm not having to host.

Anyway, derailment aside, here's some news:

Volume 2 of the HP Vid Guide will debut 12/11/09.
The track "Away//Forward" is going through some creative incubation. I've decided to create two mixes--one to emphasize the "dark" and the other to emphasize "light." You can guess which of the two will be (full-onish) melodic.

Now, because this is basically two different mixes, the second track will not be charged for in the commercial release. I don't milk content, at least not from a money sign point of view...I just think this poem is one of my more beloved across the board, and I'm enthusiastic to share different dimensions of my sound to fill in those gaps.

I've never been anything but "experimental," and my sound has varied throughout the years--admittedly though, it's always retained a harder edge because once something has "metal" in it, it's hard to get away from the stigma without becoming Sugar Ray.

At any rate, this isn't pandering for a larger demographic. It's discovering ways to mix up different aspects in a public setting.

With the release of the next "Through a lxxy Darkly," you'll have yourself an audio present from alienUplink. Since "Away//Forward" is taking so long.

Expect it by x-mas.

Well...I'm off to pull this stuff further into the present.

Until our next intersection in space-time,



  1. This is great news! It is important to pace yourself in order to develop your vision! Cool!
    Keep warm and enjoy the incubation period!
    Rock on!!! :D

  2. Hey Ann,

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! It means the world to me, always. :)