Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ah, ye now oft-forgotten alienUplink fragment known as a blog.

Right now there are numerous things afoot with GeneriqueMedia, and Universal Salon. Least to mention DTTA, which will be key in bringing some revenue to the later in the future.

It's all part of the Renaissance of Love.

Anyway, lxxy will be publishing something about the internet soon. Not "Netwar Part II" yet, but the exploration of communication in the cyborg age.

That's right, all you thumb twiddlin' CrackBerry owners, iPad and iPhone surfers. I do know some of you are out there. All six of you at last count. Haha. But the numbers are growing by month.

lxxy is also doing "Through a lxxy Darkly," which takes on after "The Further Adventures of.."

It's roughly the same tone, full of twists and turns, and apparently well written according to some in the comments of various chapters.

It's also a breeding ground. It's not what I really want to launch big onto the world, but pieces of the puzzle are being implemented. You've seen videos, a track made specifically for the saga, and now, there's a choose your-own-adventure style story for Windows users. Sorry guys. Actually, it's rather trivial to find the program to play it on other platforms if you so choose...I'll try to get it together soon enough.

alienUplink continues to work on a new effort, Corrode EP. We hope to gain some new technology from the release. Details have been spread through out the interwebs.

But, Digital Technology Teaching Academy will be the foundation to ensure our little rag tag of projects can continue to grow into something that is community-driven and truly interested in benefiting all of man kind.

Until our next intersection in space-time,


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