Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vindows Veel torture Vu, and more

Hello Humans,

Tis I, the irreverent and largely irrelevant androgynoid of noise.

G|M has made a move from Rancho Santa (let's all have a) Margarita to Dana Point. It's a beautiful view, I assure. With this move came the reconnection of all our hardware, and a fervent need to make up for lost time and install a new edition of Ubuntu.

A clear upgrade path, in semi-normal-english, from the version he had to the latest and greatest was not possible. Undaunted, he went to transpose the new software anyway. Obviously, like most said, it wouldn't work. Boohoo.

Not a problem, though, for he backed everything up to his external hard drive and jumped to the rarely used Windows to make sure everything would be kosher for a new clean re-install. To his dismay, while Windows was cleaning up the main hard drive (read: defragging) it kept loving to access said external hard drive.

Ever aware and looking to not see a hard drive fail due to some irrational attention given to it by Windows, he opted the "safely remove device" route that Windows presents it's self so the hard drive wouldn't be needlessly tortured by being constantly scanned.

Err...bad idea. In theory, this ability to stop the hardware safely and sanely works. In real world experience, it doesn't always, but he's never had a problem with it as far as external hard drives went.

When everything was ready for the Ubuntu install he dutifully rebooted and installed with no hitches, only to find out it saw but didn't like reading his external drive. Trying to understand as to why he booted back into Windows where the problem was more pronounced..ie, it
didn't recognize that it was even connected.

Fiddling and fiddling away, finally it mounted and a check disk was ran. This would only contribute to the problem because now all data that could have fit on the hard drive had been copied from the old and turned every file it could fill up into a .CHK.

MP3s, pictures, texts, programs, you name it. He tried for days to sort through the mess, but would find that NO check file could possibly be his collection of lyrics, poems, and odd short stories he had begun writing years ago.

In short...everything is gone, unintelligible, and useless. It stung the first couple of days, but now he feels more free. The only drawback is music that was in the process of being recorded has been set back, and so many fun little samples, VST instruments, plugins, pictures, and various other media have died in this horrible tragedy.

Undaunted, progress will continue to be made in reorganizing and setting back up the software side again. Will he ever learn to back up more adequately next time?

Yes, yes he will.

In other news, it's been 12 months since G|M has joined HubPages. And he's spilling the beans on much of it! The adventure so far has two parts, and more are being ironed out as time, patience, and attention span allows.

Part I
Part II

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to research some video editing software, gimp with some pictures, and work on cheeky animation. Probably not in that order, nor in a contiguous time frame.

Until our next intersection in space-time,


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